Eric Donnelly

President & CEO

Eric W Donnelly

President & CEO

Steeped in a rich tradition of craftsmanship, Eric’s foray into the world of roofing traces back to the age of 15. On the rain-swept roofs of Seattle, under his father’s watchful eye, he laid down the first shingles of a legacy that has now spanned over 35 years. The promise of the Arizona economic boom beckoned in 1981, leading Eric to move his family and business to a land brimming with opportunity.

Eric’s vast experience is evident in his expertise across various types of roofing. As President and CEO of Roof Rite, his days are occupied managing and interacting with field employees and managers. There’s a forward-looking vision in his leadership: to cultivate a robust management team poised to steer the daily operations, ensuring Roof Rite’s legacy thrives for another 35 years and beyond.

Looking into Eric’s past, one can’t help but be amused and inspired by his early days in the roofing industry. As he recounts, his father was a hard taskmaster, ensuring weekends were spent on rooftops rather than indulging in childhood pastimes like watching cartoons. A memorable incident from his first day on the job paints a vivid picture: a wayward swing of a roofing hatchet that resulted in a gash on his knee, requiring stitches. His compensation for this hard work? A modest $5.00 a day. However, the reward at the end of 20 grueling days was his very first $100 bill, a keepsake he treasures to this day.

Beyond his professional commitments, Eric is a man of diverse passions. The roar of motorcycles and UTVs, the allure of capturing moments through photography, and the intricacies of designing and building homes capture his imagination. Roofing runs deep in the Donnelly lineage, with roots tracing back to the 1950s in Chicago and further extending to LA, where they undertook roofing projects for the iconic Disneyland. The tradition continues today, with both his brother and son-in-law actively engaged in the business’s management.

Anecdotes from Eric’s days working on the roof are peppered with colorful monikers given to fellow workers—names like “The Rat,” “Omni Eye,” “Dr. Pseudo,” “The Harsh,” “The Snitch,” and “The Moe.”

But at the heart of Eric’s leadership is an unwavering commitment to excellence. The pride he feels helming Roof Rite is deeply rooted in a philosophy of delivering exceptional value. There are no shortcuts here. Each project is approached with the kind of diligence and expertise that ensures it’s done right the first time, a testament to the company’s dedication to its customers.